Package org.apache.log4j.chainsaw

Interface Summary
ChainsawViewer Chainsaw compatible gui viewers must implement this interface in order to be opened and configured by the ChainsawAppender class.
EventBatchListener Implementations of this interface like to be notified of arriving batches of LoggingEvents, but may only be interested in those coming from a particular source
EventContainer To allow pluggable TableModel implementations for Chainsaw, this interface has been factored out.
EventCountListener Listeners can be notified when the # of events in a particular model changes
LoggerNameListener Implementations are notified when new Logger names are added to the related LoggerNameModel instance.
LoggerNameModel Implementations of this model contain all the known Logger names within it's model space.
NewKeyListener Interested parties are notified when a MDC/Property key has arrived that has not been seen before by the source Model
ShutdownListener Chainsaw notifies these Listeners when the user has requested it to shutdown.
SortTableModel An extended TableModel interface that allows Column sorting

Class Summary
AbstractPreferencePanel Some basic plumbing for Preference related dialogs.
ApplicationPreferenceModel Encapsulates the Chainsaw Application wide properties
ApplicationPreferenceModelPanel A panel used by the user to modify any application-wide preferences.
ApplicationPreferenceModelSaver Helper class that helps delegate the work of loading and saving the values of the ApplicationPreferenceModel, allowing that class to remain a simple bean.
BasicPrefPanel All of the Preferences panels used in this class extend from this, it is used to provide standard L&F required by all.
ChainsawAppender ChainsawAppender receives LoggingEvents from the local Log4J environment, and appends them into a model that can be used inside a Swing GUI
ChainsawAppenderHandler A handler class that either extends a particular appender hierarchy or can be bound into the Log4j appender framework, and queues events, to be later dispatched to registered/interested parties.
ChainsawConstants Constants used throught Chainsaw.
ChainsawStatusBar A general purpose status bar for all Frame windows
CheckListCellRenderer A ListCellRenderer that display a check box if the value has been "checked".
CyclicBufferList CyclicBuffer implementation that is Object generic, and implements the List interface.
DockablePanel Extends the functionality of a JPanel by providing a 'docked' state.
ExpressionRuleContext A popup menu which assists in building expression rules.
Generator Class designed to stress, and/or test the Chainsaw GUI by sending it lots of Logging Events.
GeneratorBeanInfo A BeanInfo class to be used as meta-data about the Generator plugin
JSortTable A Sortable JTable implementation that allows a user to click on a specific Column and have the row information sorted by that column.
LoggerNameModelSupport An implementation of LoggerNameModel which can be used as a delegate
LoggerNameTree LoggerNameTree is used to display a TreeModel of LoggerNames.
LogPanel A LogPanel provides a view to a collection of LoggingEvents.

As events are received, the keywords in the 'tab identifier' application preference are replaced with the values from the received event.
LogPanelPreferenceModel Used to encapsulate all the preferences for a given LogPanel
LogPanelPreferencePanel GUI panel used to manipulate the PreferenceModel for a Log Panel
LogUI The main entry point for Chainsaw, this class represents the first frame that is used to display a Welcome panel, and any other panels that are generated because Logging Events are streamed via a Receiver, or other mechanism.
NewKeyEvent An event representing when a Key has arrived inside a Chainsaw model that has not been seen previously.
PopupListener Ensures that a specific popupMenu is displayed when the relevant mouse events are trapped.
ProgressPanel A simple ProgressPanel that can be used, a little more flexible than ProgressMonitor when you want it to be shown REGARDLESS of any timeouts etc.
RuleMediator A mediator class that implements the Rule interface, by combining several optional rules used by Chainsaw's filtering GUI's into a single Rule.
SavableTabSetting This class is used to in saving and loading the tab settings of Chainsaw....
SmallButton A better button class that has nice roll over effects.
SortArrowIcon An Icon that is a Nice arrow to be used for displaying which Column is being used for sorting.
SortHeaderRenderer A Table Column header renederer that displays a nice Up/Down arrow depending on whether this column is the current sort column or not, and which way the sort is functioning
TableColorizingRenderer A specific TableCellRenderer that colourizes a particular cell based on some ColourFilters that have been stored according to the value for the row
WelcomePanel An initial Welcome Panel that is used when Chainsaw starts up, can displays a HTML pages based on URLs.

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