Package org.apache.log4j.chainsaw.receivers

Interface Summary
VisualReceiver If a receiver has a visual component, implement this interface and Chainsaw will call 'setContainer' passing in a container that the receiver can use.

Class Summary
NewReceiverDialogPanel A panel that allows a user to configure a new Plugin, and view that plugins javadoc at the same time
PluginPropertyEditorPanel A panel that allows the user to edit a particular Plugin, by using introspection this class discovers the modifiable properties of the Plugin
ReceiversHelper Helper class to assisit with all the known Receivers.
ReceiversPanel This panel is used to manage all the Receivers configured within Log4j
ReceiversTreeModel A TreeModel that encapsulates the details of all the Receivers and their related information in the Log4j framework
ReceiverTreeCellRenderer A TreeCellRenderer that can format the information of Receivers and their children

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