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ObjectImpl Class Reference

Implementation class for Object. More...

Inheritance diagram for ObjectImpl:
Object AppenderSkeleton DefaultLoggerFactory AppenderAttachableImpl CharsetDecoder CharsetEncoder DatagramPacket DatagramSocket Date DateFormat InetAddress InputStream Integer ObjectOutputStream OnlyOnceErrorHandler OutputStream Reader ResourceBundle Socket TimeZone Writer Hierarchy Layout Level Logger FormattingInfo NameAbbreviator PatternConverter PropertyConfigurator Action RollingPolicyBase RolloverDescription TriggeringPolicy DefaultRepositorySelector Filter LoggingEvent FallbackErrorHandler DOMConfigurator

Public Member Functions

 ObjectImpl ()
virtual ~ObjectImpl ()
void addRef () const
void releaseRef () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
virtual const helpers::ClassgetClass () const
virtual ~Object ()
virtual bool instanceof (const Class &clazz) const =0
virtual const void * cast (const Class &clazz) const =0

Protected Attributes

unsigned int volatile ref

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Object
static const helpers::ClassgetStaticClass ()
static const
registerClass ()

Detailed Description

Implementation class for Object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~ObjectImpl ( )

Member Function Documentation

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int volatile ref

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