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RollingPolicyBase Class Referenceabstract

Implements methods common to most, it not all, rolling policies. More...

Inheritance diagram for RollingPolicyBase:
RollingPolicy ObjectImpl OptionHandler Object Object FixedWindowRollingPolicy TimeBasedRollingPolicy

Public Member Functions

 RollingPolicyBase ()
virtual ~RollingPolicyBase ()
void addRef () const
void releaseRef () const
virtual void activateOptions (log4cxx::helpers::Pool &p)=0
 Activate the options that were previously set with calls to option setters. More...
virtual log4cxx::pattern::PatternMap getFormatSpecifiers () const =0
virtual void setOption (const LogString &option, const LogString &value)
 Set option to value. More...
void setFileNamePattern (const LogString &fnp)
 Set file name pattern. More...
LogString getFileNamePattern () const
 Get file name pattern. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RollingPolicy
virtual ~RollingPolicy ()
virtual RolloverDescriptionPtr initialize (const LogString &file, const bool append, log4cxx::helpers::Pool &p)=0
 Initialize the policy and return any initial actions for rolling file appender. More...
virtual RolloverDescriptionPtr rollover (const LogString &activeFile, log4cxx::helpers::Pool &p)=0
 Prepare for a rollover. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OptionHandler
virtual ~OptionHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
virtual const helpers::ClassgetClass () const
virtual ~Object ()
virtual bool instanceof (const Class &clazz) const =0
virtual const void * cast (const Class &clazz) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectImpl
 ObjectImpl ()
virtual ~ObjectImpl ()

Protected Member Functions

void parseFileNamePattern ()
 Parse file name pattern. More...
void formatFileName (log4cxx::helpers::ObjectPtr &obj, LogString &buf, log4cxx::helpers::Pool &p) const
 Format file name. More...
log4cxx::pattern::PatternConverterPtr getIntegerPatternConverter () const
log4cxx::pattern::PatternConverterPtr getDatePatternConverter () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Object
static const helpers::ClassgetStaticClass ()
static const log4cxx::helpers::ClassRegistrationregisterClass ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from ObjectImpl
unsigned int volatile ref

Detailed Description

Implements methods common to most, it not all, rolling policies.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~RollingPolicyBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void activateOptions ( log4cxx::helpers::Pool p)
pure virtual

Activate the options that were previously set with calls to option setters.

This allows to defer activiation of the options until all options have been set. This is required for components which have related options that remain ambigous until all are set.

For example, the FileAppender has the File and Append options both of which are ambigous until the other is also set.

Implements OptionHandler.

Implemented in TimeBasedRollingPolicy, and FixedWindowRollingPolicy.

void addRef ( ) const

Reimplemented from ObjectImpl.

Reimplemented in TimeBasedRollingPolicy.

void formatFileName ( log4cxx::helpers::ObjectPtr obj,
LogString buf,
log4cxx::helpers::Pool p 
) const

Format file name.

objobject to be evaluted in formatting, may not be null.
bufstring buffer to which formatted file name is appended, may not be null.
pmemory pool.
log4cxx::pattern::PatternConverterPtr getDatePatternConverter ( ) const
LogString getFileNamePattern ( ) const

Get file name pattern.

file name pattern.
virtual log4cxx::pattern::PatternMap getFormatSpecifiers ( ) const
pure virtual
log4cxx::pattern::PatternConverterPtr getIntegerPatternConverter ( ) const
void parseFileNamePattern ( )

Parse file name pattern.

void releaseRef ( ) const

Reimplemented from ObjectImpl.

Reimplemented in TimeBasedRollingPolicy.

void setFileNamePattern ( const LogString fnp)

Set file name pattern.

fnpfile name pattern.
virtual void setOption ( const LogString option,
const LogString value 

Set option to value.

The handling of each option depends on the OptionHandler instance. Some options may become active immediately whereas other may be activated only when activateOptions is called.

Implements OptionHandler.

Reimplemented in FixedWindowRollingPolicy.

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