Package org.apache.logging.slf4j

SLF4J support.


Class Summary
Log4jLogger SLF4J logger implementation that uses Log4j.
Log4jLoggerFactory Log4j implementation of SLF4J ILoggerFactory interface.
Log4jMarker Log4j/SLF4J Marker type bridge.
Log4jMarkerFactory Log4j/SLF4J bridge to create SLF4J Markers based on name or based on existing SLF4J Markers.

Exception Summary
SLF4JLoggingException Exception thrown when the SLF4J adapter encounters a problem.

Package org.apache.logging.slf4j Description

SLF4J support. Note that this does indeed share the same package namespace as the one found in log4j-to-slf4j; this is intentional. The two JARs should not be used at the same time! Thus, in an OSGi environment where split packages are not allowed, this error is prevented due to both JARs sharing an exported package name.

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