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AppenderSkeleton Members

AppenderSkeleton overview

Public Instance Properties

ErrorHandler Gets or sets the IErrorHandler for this appender.
FilterHead The filter chain.
Layout Gets or sets the ILayout for this appender.
Name Gets or sets the name of this appender.
Threshold Gets or sets the threshold Level of this appender.

Public Instance Methods

ActivateOptions Initialize the appender based on the options set
AddFilter Adds a filter to the end of the filter chain.
ClearFilters Clears the filter list for this appender.
Close Closes the appender and release resources.
DoAppendOverloaded. Performs threshold checks and invokes filters before delegating actual logging to the subclasses specific Append method.
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Protected Instance Constructors

AppenderSkeleton Constructor Default constructor

Protected Instance Properties

RequiresLayout Tests if this appender requires a Layout to be set.

Protected Instance Methods

AppendOverloaded. Subclasses of AppenderSkeleton should implement this method to perform actual logging.
FilterEvent Test if the logging event should we output by this appender
Finalize Finalizes this appender by calling the implementation's Close method.
IsAsSevereAsThreshold Checks if the message level is below this appender's threshold.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)
OnClose Is called when the appender is closed. Derived classes should override this method if resources need to be released.
PreAppendCheck Called before Append as a precondition.
RenderLoggingEventOverloaded. Renders the LoggingEvent to a string.

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