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FileAppender.MinimalLock Members

FileAppender.MinimalLock overview

Public Instance Constructors

FileAppender.MinimalLock Constructor Initializes a new instance of the FileAppender.MinimalLock class.

Public Instance Properties

CurrentAppender (inherited from LockingModelBase) Gets or sets the FileAppender for this LockingModel

Public Instance Methods

AcquireLock Acquire the lock on the file
CloseFile Close the file
Equals (inherited from Object)
GetHashCode (inherited from Object)
GetType (inherited from Object)
OpenFile Prepares to open the file when the first message is logged.
ReleaseLock Release the lock on the file
ToString (inherited from Object)

Protected Instance Methods

CloseStream (inherited from LockingModelBase) Helper method to close stream under CurrentAppender's SecurityContext.
CreateStream (inherited from LockingModelBase) Helper method that creates a FileStream under CurrentAppender's SecurityContext.
Finalize (inherited from Object)
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)

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