Apache log4net� SDK Documentation - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0


Implements file roll.

Protected�Sub�RollOverRenameFiles( _
���ByVal baseFileName�As�String�_


the base name to rename


If the maximum number of size based backups is reached (curSizeRollBackups == maxSizeRollBackups) then the oldest file is deleted -- its index determined by the sign of countDirection. If countDirection < 0, then files {File.1, ..., File.curSizeRollBackups -1} are renamed to {File.2, ..., File.curSizeRollBackups}.

If maxSizeRollBackups is equal to zero, then the File is truncated with no backup files created.

If maxSizeRollBackups < 0, then File is renamed if needed and no files are deleted.

This is called by RollOverSize to rename the files.

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