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TextWriterAppender Members

TextWriterAppender overview

Public Instance Constructors

TextWriterAppender Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the TextWriterAppender class.

Public Instance Properties

ErrorHandler Gets or set the IErrorHandler and the underlying QuietTextWriter, if any, for this appender.
FilterHead (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) The filter chain.
ImmediateFlush Gets or set whether the appender will flush at the end of each append operation.
Layout (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the ILayout for this appender.
Name (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the name of this appender.
Threshold (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the threshold Level of this appender.
Writer Sets the TextWriter where the log output will go.

Public Instance Methods

ActivateOptions (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Initialize the appender based on the options set
AddFilter (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Adds a filter to the end of the filter chain.
ClearFilters (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Clears the filter list for this appender.
Close (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Closes the appender and release resources.
DoAppend (inherited from AppenderSkeleton)Overloaded. Performs threshold checks and invokes filters before delegating actual logging to the subclasses specific Append method.
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Protected Instance Properties

QuietWriter Gets or sets the QuietTextWriter where logging events will be written to.
RequiresLayout This appender requires a log4net.Layout to be set.

Protected Instance Methods

AppendOverloaded. This method is called by the DoAppend method.
CloseWriter Closes the underlying TextWriter.
FilterEvent (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Test if the logging event should we output by this appender
Finalize (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Finalizes this appender by calling the implementation's Close method.
IsAsSevereAsThreshold (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Checks if the message level is below this appender's threshold.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)
OnClose Close this appender instance. The underlying stream or writer is also closed.
PreAppendCheck This method determines if there is a sense in attempting to append.
PrepareWriter Called to allow a subclass to lazily initialize the writer
RenderLoggingEvent (inherited from AppenderSkeleton)Overloaded. Renders the LoggingEvent to a string.
Reset Clears internal references to the underlying TextWriter and other variables.
WriteFooter Writes a footer as produced by the embedded layout's Footer property.
WriteFooterAndCloseWriter Writes the footer and closes the underlying TextWriter.
WriteHeader Writes a header produced by the embedded layout's Header property.

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