Apache log4net´┐Ż SDK Documentation - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

log4net.Util Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AppenderAttachedImpl A straightforward implementation of the IAppenderAttachable interface.
CompositeProperties This class aggregates several PropertiesDictionary collections together.
ContextPropertiesBase Base class for Context Properties implementations
ConverterInfo Wrapper class used to map converter names to converter types
CountingQuietTextWriter Subclass of QuietTextWriter that maintains a count of the number of bytes written.
CyclicBuffer A fixed size rolling buffer of logging events.
EmptyCollection An always empty ICollection.
EmptyDictionary An always empty IDictionary.
FormattingInfo Contain the information obtained when parsing formatting modifiers in conversion modifiers.
GlobalContextProperties Implementation of Properties collection for the GlobalContext
ILogExtensions The static class ILogExtensions contains a set of widely used methods that ease the interaction with the ILog interface implementations.
LevelMapping Manages a mapping from levels to LevelMappingEntry
LevelMappingEntry An entry in the LevelMapping
LogicalThreadContextProperties Implementation of Properties collection for the LogicalThreadContext
LogLog Outputs log statements from within the log4net assembly.
LogLog.LogReceivedAdapter Subscribes to the LogLog.LogReceived event and stores messages to the supplied IList instance.
NativeError Represents a native error code and message.
NullDictionaryEnumerator An always empty IDictionaryEnumerator.
NullEnumerator An always empty IEnumerator.
NullSecurityContext A SecurityContext used when a SecurityContext is not required
OnlyOnceErrorHandler Implements log4net's default error handling policy which consists of emitting a message for the first error in an appender and ignoring all subsequent errors.
OptionConverter A convenience class to convert property values to specific types.
PatternConverter Abstract class that provides the formatting functionality that derived classes need.
PatternParser Most of the work of the PatternLayout class is delegated to the PatternParser class.
PatternString This class implements a patterned string.
PropertiesDictionary String keyed object map.
PropertyEntry A class to hold the key and data for a property set in the config file
ProtectCloseTextWriter A TextWriter that ignores the Close message
QuietTextWriter TextWriter that does not leak exceptions
ReaderWriterLock Defines a lock that supports single writers and multiple readers
ReadOnlyPropertiesDictionary String keyed object map that is read only.
ReusableStringWriter A StringWriter that can be Reset and reused
SystemInfo Utility class for system specific information.
SystemStringFormat Utility class that represents a format string.
TextWriterAdapter Adapter that extends TextWriter and forwards all messages to an instance of TextWriter.
ThreadContextProperties Implementation of Properties collection for the ThreadContext
ThreadContextStack Implementation of Stack for the ThreadContext
ThreadContextStacks Implementation of Stacks collection for the ThreadContext
Transform Utility class for transforming strings.
WindowsSecurityContext Impersonate a Windows Account


Delegate Description


Enumeration Description
WindowsSecurityContext.ImpersonationMode The impersonation modes for the WindowsSecurityContext