Quick Tour of Apache Chainsaw™ features

Heres just a brief run down of some of the features of Chainsaw v2:

  • View remote events - Remote events are "received" by Chainsaw using Log4j 1.3's new Receiver concept.
  • Saved Preferences - You can fully customize each Tab the way you want it, and it will restore it's state the next time.
  • Responsive - When events are screaming in, you don't want the GUI to meltdown. You can control how responsive the GUI is and determine the frequency of updates.
  • Tabs/Docking - Chainsaw routes separate applications/remote hosts' events to a unique Tab within the GUI. These tabs can be undocked from the main window. Using these features you can manage multiple application logs using the one GUI.
  • Coloring - You can specify your own rules to color each event row depending on the attributes of a LoggingEvent to help you locate important events.
  • Dynamic and powerful filtering - Helps you locate stuff. There's support for quick-and-dirty filtering, right through to advanced expression-based filtering (e.g. "LOGGER == 'com.mycompany' && LEVEL == ERROR" ).
  • Cyclic - A tab view can support a Cyclic-based model, which constrains it's view to the last X events, ensuring you don't hog memory. This is great for monitoring live applications.
  • Built-in documentation and tutorial - HTML-based documentation included in the package.