Apache log4cxx  Version 0.10.0
log4cxx::rolling Namespace Reference


class  Action
 A file system action performed as part of a rollover event. More...
class  FileRenameAction
class  FilterBasedTriggeringPolicy
 FilterBasedTriggeringPolicy determines if rolling should be triggered by evaluating the current message against a set of filters. More...
class  FixedWindowRollingPolicy
 When rolling over, FixedWindowRollingPolicy renames files according to a fixed window algorithm as described below. More...
class  GZCompressAction
class  ManualTriggeringPolicy
 ManualTriggeringPolicy only rolls over on explicit calls to RollingFileAppender.rollover(). More...
class  RollingFileAppender
 RollingFileAppender extends log4cxx::FileAppender to backup the log files depending on RollingPolicy and TriggeringPolicy. More...
class  RollingFileAppenderSkeleton
 Base class for log4cxx::rolling::RollingFileAppender and log4cxx::RollingFileAppender (analogues of org.apache.log4j.rolling.RFA from extras companion and org.apache.log4j.RFA from log4j 1.2, respectively). More...
class  RollingPolicy
 A RollingPolicy is responsible for performing the rolling over of the active log file. More...
class  RollingPolicyBase
 Implements methods common to most, it not all, rolling policies. More...
class  RolloverDescription
class  SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy
 SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy looks at size of the file being currently written to. More...
class  TimeBasedRollingPolicy
 TimeBasedRollingPolicy is both easy to configure and quite powerful. More...
class  TriggeringPolicy
 A TriggeringPolicy controls the conditions under which rollover occurs. More...
class  ZipCompressAction


 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (FileRenameAction)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (FilterBasedTriggeringPolicy)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (FixedWindowRollingPolicy)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (GZCompressAction)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (RollingFileAppender)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (RollingFileAppenderSkeleton)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (RollingPolicy)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (RolloverDescription)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (TimeBasedRollingPolicy)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (TriggeringPolicy)
 LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF (ZipCompressAction)

Function Documentation

log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( FileRenameAction  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( GZCompressAction  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( ZipCompressAction  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( TriggeringPolicy  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( RollingPolicy  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( RolloverDescription  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( RollingFileAppender  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( FilterBasedTriggeringPolicy  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( FixedWindowRollingPolicy  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( RollingFileAppenderSkeleton  )
log4cxx::rolling::LOG4CXX_PTR_DEF ( TimeBasedRollingPolicy  )
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