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Building Apache log4cxx

The project supports different build tools on different platforms, have a look at the menu to find the platform you need. If your environment is not covered already, feel free to ask about it on one of the Mailing Lists or leave a bug in our Issue Tracker. In this case it would be very helpful of course if you could already provide some patches to support your environment or at least provide some technical details about the build tools, compiler etc. you use.

Covered by the team

The following table provides an overview about the environments some of the team members have access to and therefore normally should work out of the box or at least were used sometimes in the past. This list by no means tells something about how good the support on each platform is, it's just a guide.

Environments in use
OS x86 vs. x64 Environment Compiler x86 vs. x64
Windows 7 x64 Win32 MS Visual Studio 2008 both
MS Visual Studio 2010 (Pro)
MS Visual Studio 2010 (Express)
MS Visual Studio 2012
MS Visual Studio 2013 (Express)
Embarcadero C++ Builder XE 4 x86
MinGW gcc 4.5.4 both
gcc 4.6.4
Cygwin gcc 4.8.2
Debian x86 Posix gcc x86
Ubuntu and Scientific Linux x64 gcc 4.5 both
gcc 4.6
gcc 4.7
gcc 4.8
Intel 11.1
Intel 12.1
Intel 13.1
Red Hat gcc
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Xcode 5.0.2 x64