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Building Apache log4cxx with Apache Maven 2

Apache Maven 2 is used to generate the release assemblies and generate product documentation. It delegates to the Apache Ant build to build and test log4cxx and can be used as an alternate front end to the Ant build process since it can automatically download and use ant-contrib, cpptasks and log4j. The Maven build, like the Ant build, can build APR and APR-Util from source.

Quick start:

  • Install Apache Maven 2.0.8 or later.
  • Install APR and APR-Util or place source in apr and apr-util directories in same parent directory as log4cxx directory.

    Building and testing log4cxx on a Unix platform with packaged APR and APR-Util.

     sudo apt-get install libapr1.0-dev libaprutil1.0-dev doxygen
     cd apache-log4cxx-0.10.0
     export PATH=/home/myself/maven-2.0.8/bin:$PATH
     mvn package

    Building and testing log4cxx on a Microsoft Windows with APR and APR-Util built from source.

     set PATH=\maven-2.0.8\bin;%PATH%
     tar -xvzf apr-1.2.12.tar.gz
     rename apr-1.2.12 apr
     tar -xvzf apr-util-1.2.12.tar.gz
     rename apr-util-1.2.12 apr-util
     cd apache-log4cxx-0.10.0
     mvn package

Common Maven targets

compile build log4cxx library.
package build logcxx library and build and run unit tests and examples.
site Generate documentation and IDE project files, requires doxygen.
site assembly:assembly Generate snapshot tarball and zip file.
site-deploy Publish website to staging area on ASF subversion repository (requires credentials).
clean Delete all generated files.

All build products will be placed in the target subdirectory.

It is not possible to directly pass options to the Ant build, however the ant build will read any build.properties file in the log4cxx directory.

SMTP and ODBC options can depend on libraries that that have different licenses. You should review the corresponding licenses and understand the implications before redistribution.

Platform specific notes:

See the Apache Ant build for platform specific notes.