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Building Apache log4cxx with Apple Xcode

Building log4cxx.dylib

Run configure to generate log4cxx.h and log4cxx_private.h then launch Xcode.

cd apache-log4cxx-0.10.0
open projects/log4cxx.xcodeproj

Running unit tests

Run configure then open projects/testsuite.xcodeproj or projects/testsuite-standalone.xcodeproj (test suite and implementation in one project) in Xcode.

The unit tests require the working directory and several environment variables to be set. To set these, elect the executable in Groups & Files and press Info and:

  • In the General pane, set Working Directory to Custom with path "../src/test/resources".
  • In the Arguments pane, add following key value pairs to "Variables to be set in the environment": TOTO=wonderful, key1=value1 and key2=value2.
  • In the Arguments pane, add "-v" for verbose output, or individual test names in "Arguments to be passed on launch".


The project file generation does does not properly create an entry in the "Link Binary with Libraries" build phase for projects (such as the examples and unit tests) that depend on log4cxx. To work around the problem, open the project in Xcode and in the Groups & Files pane, drag log4cxx.dylib and drop on the "Link Binary with Libraries" folder under Targets.

See issue LOGCXX-245 for further information.

The projects provided in the release target Mac OS/X 10.5 which provides preinstalled APR and APR-Util libraries. To generate XCode projects to target Mac OS/X 10.4, set up the ant build and then "ant build-projects-xcode -Dfind=false".