Apache log4cxx  Version 0.12.0
Issue Tracking


This project uses JIRA, a J2EE-based issue tracking and project management application.

Issue Tracking

Bugs and feature requests should be submitted to the following issue tracking system for this project.


Please don't just open bugs only because things don't work for you, some issues simply aren't bugs in the code base of the project or it's build tools, but may have a lot of different other reasons. If things don't work for you and you need some help, please subscribe to the users mailing list and describe the issue you have, the more detailed the better. The mailing list is a far better place to discuss things than JIRA, besides that there are more users than developers of the project and issues created in JIRA are only forwarded to the latter. There's always the chance to create an issue in JIRA later, hopefully with a specific explanation of the problem and even a solution already.

As a rule of thumb, if you already digged through the code and found a problem in it or its build tools, feel free to directly create a bug in JIRA. But if things really only don't work and you don't have any clue why, please use the users mailing list instead.