Uses of Interface

Packages that use AppenderAttachable
org.apache.log4j The main log4j package. 
org.apache.log4j.helpers This package is used internally. 
org.apache.log4j.spi Contains part of the System Programming Interface (SPI) needed to extend log4j. 

Uses of AppenderAttachable in org.apache.log4j

Classes in org.apache.log4j that implement AppenderAttachable
 class AsyncAppender
          The AsyncAppender lets users log events asynchronously.
 class Category
          This class has been deprecated and replaced by the Logger subclass.
 class Logger
          This is the central class in the log4j package.

Uses of AppenderAttachable in org.apache.log4j.helpers

Classes in org.apache.log4j.helpers that implement AppenderAttachable
 class AppenderAttachableImpl
          A straightforward implementation of the AppenderAttachable interface.

Uses of AppenderAttachable in org.apache.log4j.rewrite

Classes in org.apache.log4j.rewrite that implement AppenderAttachable
 class RewriteAppender
          This appender forwards a logging request to another appender after possibly rewriting the logging event.

Uses of AppenderAttachable in org.apache.log4j.spi

Classes in org.apache.log4j.spi that implement AppenderAttachable
 class NOPLogger
          No-operation implementation of Logger used by NOPLoggerRepository.
 class RootCategory
          Deprecated. Replaced by RootLogger.
 class RootLogger
          RootLogger sits at the top of the logger hierachy.

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