2.0-alpha1 (2012-07-29)



  • Added ability to filter on the AppenderRef by adding either a level or a filter. (for LOG4J2-60 by Ralph Goers, Shane Kelly)


  • Make sure all application facing log methods use their own FQCN. This patch resolves a unit test failure for the %C pattern when using the Category logger. (for LOG4J2-50 by Ralph Goers, John Vasileff)

  • Remove LoggerContext support for custom logger factories. All Loggers returned by LoggerContext should be compatible and of the same type. (for LOG4J2-51 by Ralph Goers, John Vasileff)

  • Level.toLevel would throw an IllegalArgumentException instead of returning the default value. (for LOG4J2-56 by Ralph Goers, John Owen Atala)