2.11.0 (2018-03-11)

This release contains new features, bugfixes and minor enhancements. Some of the new features include support for the Java 9 module system, support for the new SLF4j 1.8 binding mechanism, simplification of the Log4j property naming scheme, and native support of Jetty’s logger. Log4j API is now a fully compliant module while the other Log4j jars are named automatic modules.

As of Log4j 2.9.0, the Log4j API was modified to use java.util.ServiceLoader to locate Log4j implementations, although the former binding mechanism is still supported. The Log4j API JAR is now a multi-release JAR to provide implementations of Java 9 specific classes. Multi-release JARs are not supported by the OSGi specification so OSGi modules will not be able to take advantage of these implementations but will not lose functionality as they will fall back to the implementations used in Java 7 and 8. More details on the new features and fixes are itemized below. Note that some tools are not compatible with multi-release JARs and may fail trying to process class files in the META-INF/versions/9 folder. Those errors should be reported to the tool vendor.

Note that subsequent to the 2.9.0 release, for security reasons, SerializedLayout is deprecated and no longer used as default in the Socket and JMS appenders. SerializedLayout can still be used as before, but has to be specified explicitly. To retain old behaviour, you have to change configuration like:

  <Socket name="socket" host="localhost" port="9500"/>


  <Socket name="socket" host="localhost" port="9500">

We do, however, discourage the use of SerializedLayout and recommend JsonLayout as a replacement:

  <Socket name="socket" host="localhost" port="9500">
    <JsonLayout properties="true"/>

Note that subsequent to the 2.9.0 release, for security reasons, Log4j does not process DTD in XML files. If you used DTD for including snippets, you have to use XInclude or Composite Configuration instead.

The Log4j 2.11.0 API, as well as many core components, maintains binary compatibility with previous releases with the following exceptions to Log4j Core. Log4j 2.11.0 moves code from log4j-core to several new Maven modules. Dependencies to other JARs that used to be optional in log4j-core are now required in the new modules. The code in these modules have been repackaged. These changes do not affect your configuration files.

The new modules are:

  • Group ID: `org.apache.logging.log4j

  • Artifact ID: log4j-jdbc-dbc2

  • Old package: org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.jdbc

  • New package: org.apache.logging.log4j.jdbc.appender

  • Group ID: org.apache.logging.log4j

  • Artifact ID: log4j-jpa

  • Old package 1: org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.jpa

  • New package 1: org.apache.logging.log4j.jpa.appender

  • Old package 2: org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.jpa.converter

  • New package 2: org.apache.logging.log4j.jpa.converter

  • Group ID: org.apache.logging.log4j

  • Artifact ID: log4j-mongodb2

  • Old package: org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb

  • New package: org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb2

  • Group ID: org.apache.logging.log4j

  • Artifact ID: log4j-mongodb3

  • Old package: org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb

  • New package: org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb3

Log4j 2.11.0 requires a minimum of Java 7 to build and run. Log4j 2.3 was the last release that supported Java 6.

Basic compatibility with Log4j 1.x is provided through the log4j-1.2-api component, however it does not implement some of the very implementation specific classes and methods. The package names and Maven groupId have been changed to org.apache.logging.log4j to avoid any conflicts with Log4j 1.x.

For complete information on Apache Log4j 2, including instructions on how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Log4j 2 website.



  • Added support for precise (micro and nanosecond) timestamps when running on Java 9. A limited number of precise %d date formats are supported with PatternLayout. POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: The XML, JSON and YAML formats have changed: they no longer have the "timeMillis" attribute and instead have an "Instant" element with "epochSecond" and "nanoOfSecond" attributes. (for LOG4J2-1883 by Remko Popma, Anthony Maire)

  • Add missing converters to PatternLayout. (for LOG4J2-2143 by Mikael Ståldal)

  • Add API org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup.Interpolator.getStrLookupMap(). (for LOG4J2-2160 by Gary Gregory)

  • The MongoDB Appender should use a keys and values for a Log4j MapMessage. (for LOG4J2-2179 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add a MongoDbProvider builder for and deprecate org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb.MongoDbProvider.createNoSqlProvider(). (for LOG4J2-2180 by Gary Gregory)

  • The JDBC Appender should use keys and values from a Log4j MapMessage. (for LOG4J2-2181 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add a simple JDBC DriverManager-based ConnectionSource that uses JDBC’s DriverManager#getConnection(String, String, String). (for LOG4J2-2185 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add a JDBC ConnectionSource that provides pooling through Apache Commons DBCP 2. (for LOG4J2-2186 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add a hook for a Connection Source for a JDBC Appender to release its resources. (for LOG4J2-2187 by Gary Gregory)

  • Output JSON object for ObjectMessage in JsonLayout. (for LOG4J2-2190 by Mikael Ståldal, Franz Wong)

  • Made log4j-core a multi-release ("multi-version") jar, added log4j-core-java9 module. (for LOG4J2-2191 by Remko Popma)

  • Add org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.WatchManager#unwatch(File). (for LOG4J2-2203 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add method org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.WatchManager.reset(File) and reset(). (for LOG4J2-2206 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add debug logging to org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb.MongoDbConnection. (for LOG4J2-2208 by Gary Gregory)

  • Add API to enable iterating over message parameters without creating temporary objects. (for LOG4J2-2253 by Remko Popma, Carter Kozak)


  • Removed unnecessary threadlocal StringBuilder field from MdcPatternConverter. (for LOG4J2-2127 by Remko Popma, Carter Kozak)

  • Update ZeroMQ’s jeromq from 0.4.2 to 0.4.3. (for LOG4J2-2132 by Gary Gregory)

  • Update version of maven bundle plugin to 3.4.0. Convert bundle plugin error to a warning. (for LOG4J2-2146 by Ralph Goers)

  • Update Jackson from 2.9.2 to 2.9.3. (for LOG4J2-2165 by Gary Gregory)

  • NullPointerException at org.apache.logging.log4j.util.Activator.loadProvider(Activator.java:81) in log4j 2.10.0. (for LOG4J2-2182 by Gary Gregory, liwenxian2017)

  • Update MongoDB driver from 3.0.4 to 3.6.1. (for LOG4J2-2184 by Gary Gregory)

  • Split off JPA support into a new module log4j-jpa. (for LOG4J2-2188 by Gary Gregory, Gary Gregory)

  • Update JMH to version 1.19 from 1.1.1. (for LOG4J2-2193 by Remko Popma)

  • Require Java 9 to compile the log4j-perf module to allow benchmarking with Java 9 APIs. (for LOG4J2-2194 by Remko Popma)

  • Document default property value support. (for LOG4J2-2197 by Gary Gregory, Fabrice Daugan)

  • Update MongoDB dependencies from classic to modern. (for LOG4J2-2198 by Gary Gregory)

  • MarkerFilter onMismatch invalid attribute in .properties. (for LOG4J2-2202 by Gary Gregory, Kilian)

  • org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.WatchManager.getWatchers() should pre-allocate its new Map. (for LOG4J2-2204 by Gary Gregory)

  • New module log4j-mongodb3: Remove use of deprecated MongoDB APIs and code to the Java driver version 3 API. (for LOG4J2-2205 by Gary Gregory, Gary Gregory)

  • Rename existing MongoDb plugin and related artifacts from MongoDb to MongoDb2. (for LOG4J2-2209 by Gary Gregory)

  • Fix error log message for Script which says ScriptFile instead. (for LOG4J2-2210 by Gary Gregory, Björn Kautler)

  • Unnecessary contention in CopyOnWriteSortedArrayThreadContextMap. (for LOG4J2-2212 by Gary Gregory, Daniel Feist)

  • Unnecessary contention in GarbageFreeSortedArrayThreadContextMap. (for LOG4J2-2213 by Gary Gregory, Daniel Feist)

  • Unnecessary contention in DefaultThreadContextMap. (for LOG4J2-2214 by Gary Gregory, Daniel Feist)

  • Reduce compiler warnings in log4j-api. (for LOG4J2-2215 by Remko Popma)

  • Configuration builder classes should look for "onMismatch", not "onMisMatch". (for LOG4J2-2219 by Gary Gregory, Kilian)

  • Update Jackson from 2.9.3 to 2.9.4. (for LOG4J2-2229 by Gary Gregory, Gary Gregory)

  • Removed unnecessary dependency on jcommander since Log4j uses embedded picocli since 2.9. (for LOG4J2-2236 by Remko Popma)

  • Cannot see or copy all of certain JAnsi exception messages on Windows due to NUL characters. (for LOG4J2-2243 by Gary Gregory, Gary Gregory)

  • Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.15 to 1.16.1. (for LOG4J2-2245 by Gary Gregory, Gary Gregory)

  • The internal status logger timestamp format is now configurable with system property log4j2.StatusLogger.DateFormat. (for LOG4J2-2250 by Remko Popma)

  • Reusable LogEvents now pass the original format string to downstream components like layouts and filters. (for LOG4J2-2252 by Remko Popma, Carter Kozak)

  • Update MongoDB 3 module from driver 3.6.1 to 3.6.3. (for LOG4J2-2259 by Gary Gregory)

  • [SMTP] Update javax.mail from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1. (for LOG4J2-2260 by Gary Gregory)

  • Update JAnsi from 1.16 to 1.17. (for LOG4J2-2264 by Gary Gregory)

  • Documentation fix in manual page for custom configurations. (for LOG4J2-2273 by Remko Popma, Bruno P. Kinoshita)


  • Revert OSGi API version to 4.3.1. (for LOG4J2-1976 by Ralph Goers)

  • Avoid null attribute values in DefaultConfigurationBuilder. (for LOG4J2-2002 by Mikael Ståldal, Paul Burrowes)

  • LoaderUtil was not looping properly over class loaders. (for LOG4J2-2104 by Ralph Goers)

  • DefaultMergeStrategy did not merge filters on loggers correctly. (for LOG4J2-2123 by Ralph Goers, Jacob Tolar)

  • Removed compile-time dependency on Java Management APIs from Log4J API module to improve compatibility with Android Platform which does not support JMX extensions. (for LOG4J2-2126 by Remko Popma, Oleg Kalnichevski)

  • Log4j2 throws NoClassDefFoundError in Java 9 in java.util.ServiceLoader. (for LOG4J2-2129 by Ralph Goers, Blazej Bucko)

  • Don’t create exit message in traceExit® when logging is disabled. (for LOG4J2-2157 by Gary Gregory, Malte Skoruppa)

  • Fixed bug where ThreadContext map was cleared, resulting in entries being only available for one log event. (for LOG4J2-2158 by Remko Popma, Björn Kautler)

  • Allow SortedArrayStringMap to be filtered upon deserialization. Fix build error in Java 9 when compiling log4j-core test classes. (for LOG4J2-2163 by Ralph Goers)

  • Fix typo in Property Substitution docs. (for LOG4J2-2175 by Mikael Ståldal, Behrang Saeedzadeh)

  • NullPointerException would occur when header was provided to a Layout on RollingRandingAccessFileAppender with DirectWriteRolloverStrategy. (for LOG4J2-2247 by Ralph Goers)

  • Incorrect automatics module name header was being included in manifests. (for LOG4J2-2254 by Ralph Goers)

  • Strings::join, when called with [null] returns "null" instead of EMPTY. (for LOG4J2-2270 by Gary Gregory, Cyril Martin)

  • Move module-info.class to META-INF/versions/9 directory. (for LOG4J2-2271 by Ralph Goers)

  • Allow EnvironmentPropertySource to run with a SecurityManager that rejects environment variable access. (for LOG4J2-2274 by Gary Gregory, Sebastien Lannez)

  • ConcurrentModificationException from org.apache.logging.log4j.status.StatusLogger.<clinit>(StatusLogger.java:71). (for LOG4J2-2276 by Gary Gregory, Sean Baxter)

  • Allow SystemPropertiesPropertySource to run with a SecurityManager that rejects system property access. (for LOG4J2-2279 by Gary Gregory, Gary Gregory)