Package org.apache.logging.log4j.message

Public Message Types used for Log4j 2.


Interface Summary
LoggerNameAwareMessage Message that is interested in the name of the Logger.
Message An interface for various Message implementations that can be logged.
MessageFactory Creates messages.
MultiformatMessage A Message that can render itself in more than one way.
TimestampMessage Messages that use this interface will cause the timestamp in the message to be used instead of the timestamp in the LogEvent.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageFactory Provides an abstract superclass for MessageFactory implementations with default implementations.
FormattedMessage Handles messages that contain a format String.
FormattedMessageFactory Creates FormattedMessage instances for FormattedMessageFactory.newMessage(String, Object...).
LocalizedMessage Provides some level of compatibility with Log4j 1.x and convenience but is not the recommended way to Localize messages.
LocalizedMessageFactory Creates LocalizedMessage instances for LocalizedMessageFactory.newMessage(String, Object...).
MapMessage Represents a Message that consists of a Map.
MessageFormatMessage Handles messages that consist of a format string conforming to java.text.MessageFormat.
MessageFormatMessageFactory Creates MessageFormatMessage instances for MessageFormatMessageFactory.newMessage(String, Object...).
ObjectMessage Handles messages that contain an Object.
ParameterizedMessage Handles messages that consist of a format string containing '{}' to represent each replaceable token, and the parameters.
ParameterizedMessageFactory Enables use of {} parameter markers in message strings.
SimpleMessage The simplest possible implementation of Message.
StringFormattedMessage Handles messages that consist of a format string conforming to Formatter.
StringFormatterMessageFactory Enables use of Formatter strings in message strings.
StructuredDataId The StructuredData identifier.
StructuredDataMessage Represents a Message that conforms to an RFC 5424 StructuredData element along with the syslog message.
ThreadDumpMessage Captures information about all running Threads.

Enum Summary
MapMessage.MapFormat When set as the format specifier causes the Map to be formatted as XML.
StructuredDataMessage.Format Supported formats.

Package org.apache.logging.log4j.message Description

Public Message Types used for Log4j 2. Users may implement their own Messages.

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