Package org.apache.logging.log4j

Public API for Log4j 2.


Interface Summary
Logger This is the central interface in the log4j package.
Marker Markers are objects that are used to add easily filterable information to log messages.
ThreadContext.ContextStack The ThreadContext Stack interface.

Class Summary
EventLogger Logs "Events" that are represented as StructuredDataMessages.
Level Levels used for identifying the severity of an event.
LogManager The anchor point for the logging system.
MarkerManager Applications create Markers by using the Marker Manager.
MarkerManager.Log4jMarker Consider this class private, it is only public to satisfy Jackson for XML and JSON IO.
ThreadContext The ThreadContext allows applications to store information either in a Map or a Stack.

Exception Summary
LoggingException Exception thrown when an error occurs while logging.

Package org.apache.logging.log4j Description

Public API for Log4j 2.

The main entry point into Log4j is the LogManager class which can be used to obtain Logger objects, the current LoggerContext, a new LoggerContext, and the current LoggerContextFactory.

Marker objects can be obtained through the MarkerManager. The MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Context) can be used through the ThreadContext class.

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