Interface ContextSelectorAdminMBean

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public interface ContextSelectorAdminMBean

The MBean interface for monitoring and managing the ContextSelector.

Field Summary
static String PATTERN
          ObjectName pattern ("org.apache.logging.log4j2:type=%s,component=ContextSelector") for ContextSelectorAdmin MBeans.
Method Summary
 String getImplementationClassName()
          Returns the name of the class implementing the ContextSelector interface.

Field Detail


static final String PATTERN
ObjectName pattern ("org.apache.logging.log4j2:type=%s,component=ContextSelector") for ContextSelectorAdmin MBeans. This pattern contains a variable, which is the name of the logger context.

You can find all registered ContextSelectorAdmin MBeans like this:

 MBeanServer mbs = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer();
 String pattern = String.format(ContextSelectorAdminMBean.PATTERN, "*");
 Set<ObjectName> contextSelectorNames = mbs.queryNames(new ObjectName(pattern), null);

Some characters are not allowed in ObjectNames. The logger context name may be quoted. When ContextSelectorAdmin MBeans are registered, their ObjectNames are created using this pattern as follows:

 String ctxName = Server.escape(loggerContext.getName());
 String name = String.format(PATTERN, ctxName);
 ObjectName objectName = new ObjectName(name);

See Also:
Server.escape(String), Constant Field Values
Method Detail


String getImplementationClassName()
Returns the name of the class implementing the ContextSelector interface.

the name of the ContextSelector implementation class.

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