Log4j 2 network support.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractSocketManager Abstract base class for managing sockets.
DatagramOutputStream OutputStream for UDP connections.
DatagramSocketManager Socket Manager for UDP connections.
JndiManager JNDI Context manager.
MimeMessageBuilder Helper class for SmtpManager.
MulticastDnsAdvertiser Advertise an entity via ZeroConf/MulticastDNS and the JmDNS library.
Priority The Priority used in the Syslog system.
SmtpManager Manager for sending SMTP events.
TcpSocketManager Manager of TCP Socket connections.
TcpSocketManager.TcpSocketManagerFactory Factory to create a TcpSocketManager.

Enum Summary
Facility The facility codes used by the Syslog system.
Protocol Enumeration of the supported protocols.
Severity Severity values used by the Syslog system.

Package Description

Log4j 2 network support. This package (and subpackages) include support for:

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