Interface Builder<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the Plugin class this is a builder for.
All Known Implementing Classes:
BurstFilter.Builder, ConsoleAppender.Builder, HtmlLayout.Builder, JmsAppender.Builder, KeyValuePair.Builder, Log4jLogEvent.Builder, PatternLayout.Builder, PluginBuilder

public interface Builder<T>

A type of Plugin builder that can be used to configure and create a plugin instance using a Java DSL instead of through a configuration file. These builders are primarily useful for internal code and unit tests, but they can technically be used as a verbose alternative to configuration files.

When creating plugin builders, it is customary to create the builder class as a public static inner class called Builder. For instance, the builder class for PatternLayout would be PatternLayout.Builder.

Method Summary
 T build()
          Builds the plugin object after all configuration has been set.

Method Detail


T build()
Builds the plugin object after all configuration has been set. This will use default values for any unspecified attributes for the plugin.

the configured plugin instance.
ConfigurationException - if there was an error building the plugin object.

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