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The FileAppender type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAppendToFile
Gets or sets a flag that indicates whether the file should be appended to or overwritten.
Public propertyEncoding
Gets or sets Encoding used to write to the file.
Public propertyErrorHandler
Gets or set the IErrorHandler and the underlying QuietTextWriter, if any, for this appender.
(Inherited from TextWriterAppender.)
Public propertyFile
Gets or sets the path to the file that logging will be written to.
Public propertyFilterHead
The filter chain.
(Inherited from AppenderSkeleton.)
Public propertyImmediateFlush
Gets or set whether the appender will flush at the end of each append operation.
(Inherited from TextWriterAppender.)
Public propertyLayout
Gets or sets the ILayout for this appender.
(Inherited from AppenderSkeleton.)
Public propertyLockingModel
Gets or sets the LockingModel used to handle locking of the file.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name of this appender.
(Inherited from AppenderSkeleton.)
Protected propertyQuietWriter
Gets or sets the QuietTextWriter where logging events will be written to.
(Inherited from TextWriterAppender.)
Protected propertyRequiresLayout
This appender requires a log4net.Layout to be set.
(Inherited from TextWriterAppender.)
Public propertySecurityContext
Gets or sets the SecurityContext used to write to the file.
Public propertyThreshold
Gets or sets the threshold Level of this appender.
(Inherited from AppenderSkeleton.)
Public propertyWriter
Sets the TextWriter where the log output will go.
(Inherited from TextWriterAppender.)
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