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Note: This API is now obsolete.

Assembly level attribute that specifies the logging domain for the assembly.
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Namespace: log4net.Config
Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll) Version: 4.0

[ObsoleteAttribute("Use RepositoryAttribute instead of DomainAttribute")]
public sealed class DomainAttribute : RepositoryAttribute

The DomainAttribute type exposes the following members.


Public methodDomainAttribute
Initializes a new instance of the DomainAttribute class.
Public methodDomainAttribute(String)
Initialize a new instance of the DomainAttribute class with the name of the domain.

Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name of the logging repository.
(Inherited from RepositoryAttribute.)
Public propertyRepositoryType
Gets or sets the type of repository to create for this assembly.
(Inherited from RepositoryAttribute.)
Public propertyTypeId
When implemented in a derived class, gets a unique identifier for this Attribute.
(Inherited from Attribute.)

Public methodEquals
Returns a value that indicates whether this instance is equal to a specified object.
(Inherited from Attribute.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Returns the hash code for this instance.
(Inherited from Attribute.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodIsDefaultAttribute
When overridden in a derived class, indicates whether the value of this instance is the default value for the derived class.
(Inherited from Attribute.)
Public methodMatch
When overridden in a derived class, returns a value that indicates whether this instance equals a specified object.
(Inherited from Attribute.)
Public methodToString
Returns a String that represents the current Object.
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DomainAttribute is obsolete. Use RepositoryAttribute instead of DomainAttribute.

Assemblies are mapped to logging domains. Each domain has its own logging repository. This attribute specified on the assembly controls the configuration of the domain. The Name property specifies the name of the domain that this assembly is a part of. The RepositoryType specifies the type of the repository objects to create for the domain. If this attribute is not specified and a Name is not specified then the assembly will be part of the default shared logging domain.

This attribute can only be specified on the assembly and may only be used once per assembly.

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