FixFlags EnumerationApache log4net™ SDK Documentation
Flags passed to the Fix property

Namespace: log4net.Core
Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll) Version: 4.0

public enum FixFlags

  Member nameValueDescription
Mdc1 Obsolete. Fix the MDC
Ndc2 Fix the NDC
Message4 Fix the rendered message
ThreadName8 Fix the thread name
LocationInfo16 Fix the callers location information
UserName32 Fix the callers windows user name
Domain64 Fix the domain friendly name
Identity128 Fix the callers principal name
Exception256 Fix the exception text
Properties512 Fix the event properties. Active properties must implement IFixingRequired in order to be eligible for fixing.
None0 No fields fixed
All268435455 All fields fixed
Partial844 Partial fields fixed

Flags passed to the Fix property

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