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The SecurityContextProvider providers default SecurityContext instances.
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Namespace: log4net.Core
Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll) Version: 4.0

public class SecurityContextProvider

The SecurityContextProvider type exposes the following members.


Protected methodSecurityContextProvider
Protected default constructor to allow subclassing

Public propertyStatic memberDefaultProvider
Gets or sets the default SecurityContextProvider

Public methodCreateSecurityContext
Create a SecurityContext for a consumer
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A configured component that interacts with potentially protected system resources uses a SecurityContext to provide the elevated privileges required. If the SecurityContext object has been not been explicitly provided to the component then the component will request one from this SecurityContextProvider.

By default the DefaultProvider is an instance of SecurityContextProvider which returns only NullSecurityContext objects. This is a reasonable default where the privileges required are not know by the system.

This default behavior can be overridden by subclassing the SecurityContextProvider and overriding the CreateSecurityContext(Object) method to return the desired SecurityContext objects. The default provider can be replaced by programmatically setting the value of the DefaultProvider property.

An alternative is to use the log4net.Config.SecurityContextProviderAttribute This attribute can be applied to an assembly in the same way as the log4net.Config.XmlConfiguratorAttribute". The attribute takes the type to use as the SecurityContextProvider as an argument.

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