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Layout that formats the log events as XML elements.
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Namespace: log4net.Layout
Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll) Version: 4.0

public abstract class XmlLayoutBase : LayoutSkeleton

The XmlLayoutBase type exposes the following members.


Protected methodXmlLayoutBase
Protected constructor to support subclasses
Protected methodXmlLayoutBase(Boolean)
Protected constructor to support subclasses

Public propertyContentType
Gets the content type output by this layout.
(Overrides LayoutSkeletonContentType.)
Public propertyFooter
The footer for the layout format.
(Inherited from LayoutSkeleton.)
Public propertyHeader
The header for the layout format.
(Inherited from LayoutSkeleton.)
Public propertyIgnoresException
Flag indicating if this layout handles exceptions
(Inherited from LayoutSkeleton.)
Public propertyInvalidCharReplacement
The string to replace characters that can not be expressed in XML with.

Not all characters may be expressed in XML. This property contains the string to replace those that can not with. This defaults to a ?. Set it to the empty string to simply remove offending characters. For more details on the allowed character ranges see http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml/#charsets Character replacement will occur in the log message, the property names and the property values.

Public propertyLocationInfo
Gets a value indicating whether to include location information in the XML events.

Public methodActivateOptions
Initialize layout options
(Overrides LayoutSkeletonActivateOptions.)
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Public methodFormat(LoggingEvent)
Convenience method for easily formatting the logging event into a string variable.
(Inherited from LayoutSkeleton.)
Public methodFormat(TextWriter, LoggingEvent)
Produces a formatted string.
(Overrides LayoutSkeletonFormat(TextWriter, LoggingEvent).)
Protected methodFormatXml
Does the actual writing of the XML.
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This is an abstract class that must be subclassed by an implementation to conform to a specific schema.

Deriving classes must implement the FormatXml(XmlWriter, LoggingEvent) method.

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