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Implementation of Nested Diagnostic Contexts.
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Namespace: log4net
Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll) Version: 4.0

public sealed class NDC

The NDC type exposes the following members.


Public propertyStatic memberDepth
Gets the current context depth.

Public methodStatic memberClear
Clears all the contextual information held on the current thread.
Public methodStatic memberCloneStack
Creates a clone of the stack of context information.
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Public methodStatic memberInherit
Inherits the contextual information from another thread.
Public methodStatic memberPop
Removes the top context from the stack.
Public methodStatic memberCode examplePush
Pushes a new context message.
Public methodStatic memberCode examplePushFormat
Pushes a new context message.
Public methodStatic memberRemove
Removes the context information for this thread. It is not required to call this method.
Public methodStatic memberSetMaxDepth
Forces the stack depth to be at most maxDepth.
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Note Note

The NDC is deprecated and has been replaced by the Stacks. The current NDC implementation forwards to the ThreadContext.Stacks["NDC"].

A Nested Diagnostic Context, or NDC in short, is an instrument to distinguish interleaved log output from different sources. Log output is typically interleaved when a server handles multiple clients near-simultaneously.

Interleaved log output can still be meaningful if each log entry from different contexts had a distinctive stamp. This is where NDCs come into play.

Note that NDCs are managed on a per thread basis. The NDC class is made up of static methods that operate on the context of the calling thread.


How to push a message into the context
using(NDC.Push("my context message"))
    ... all log calls will have 'my context message' included ...

} // at the end of the using block the message is automatically removed
Thread Safety

Static members of this type are safe for multi-threaded operations. Instance members of this type are safe for multi-threaded operations.
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