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Packages that use ObjectRenderer
org.apache.log4j The main log4j package. 
org.apache.log4j.or ObjectRenders are resposible for rendering messages depending on their class type. 
org.apache.log4j.or.jms This package contains the MessageRenderer which renders objects of type javax.jms.Message
org.apache.log4j.or.sax This package contains the AttributesRenderer which renders object of class org.xml.sax.Attributes
org.apache.log4j.spi Contains part of the System Programming Interface (SPI) needed to extend log4j. 

Uses of ObjectRenderer in org.apache.log4j

Methods in org.apache.log4j with parameters of type ObjectRenderer
 void Hierarchy.addRenderer(Class classToRender, ObjectRenderer or)
          Add an object renderer for a specific class.
 void Hierarchy.setRenderer(Class renderedClass, ObjectRenderer renderer)
          Used by subclasses to add a renderer to the hierarchy passed as parameter.

Uses of ObjectRenderer in org.apache.log4j.or

Classes in org.apache.log4j.or that implement ObjectRenderer
 class ThreadGroupRenderer
          Render ThreadGroup objects in a format similar to the information output by the ThreadGroup.list() method.

Methods in org.apache.log4j.or that return ObjectRenderer
 ObjectRenderer RendererMap.get(Class clazz)
          Search the parents of clazz for a renderer.
 ObjectRenderer RendererMap.get(Object o)
          Syntactic sugar method that calls RendererMap.get(Class) with the class of the object parameter.
 ObjectRenderer RendererMap.getDefaultRenderer()

Methods in org.apache.log4j.or with parameters of type ObjectRenderer
 void RendererMap.put(Class clazz, ObjectRenderer or)
          Register an ObjectRenderer for clazz.

Uses of ObjectRenderer in org.apache.log4j.or.jms

Classes in org.apache.log4j.or.jms that implement ObjectRenderer
 class MessageRenderer
          Render javax.jms.Message objects.

Uses of ObjectRenderer in org.apache.log4j.or.sax

Classes in org.apache.log4j.or.sax that implement ObjectRenderer
 class AttributesRenderer
          Render org.xml.sax.Attributes objects.

Uses of ObjectRenderer in org.apache.log4j.spi

Methods in org.apache.log4j.spi with parameters of type ObjectRenderer
 void RendererSupport.setRenderer(Class renderedClass, ObjectRenderer renderer)

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