Uses of Interface

Packages that use TriggeringEventEvaluator Package for remote logging. 

Uses of TriggeringEventEvaluator in

Fields in declared as TriggeringEventEvaluator
protected  TriggeringEventEvaluator SMTPAppender.evaluator

Methods in that return TriggeringEventEvaluator
 TriggeringEventEvaluator SMTPAppender.getEvaluator()
          Get triggering evaluator.

Methods in with parameters of type TriggeringEventEvaluator
 void SMTPAppender.setEvaluator(TriggeringEventEvaluator trigger)
          Sets triggering evaluator.

Constructors in with parameters of type TriggeringEventEvaluator
SMTPAppender(TriggeringEventEvaluator evaluator)
          Use evaluator passed as parameter as the TriggeringEventEvaluator for this SMTPAppender.

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