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Packages that use PatternConverter
org.apache.log4j.helpers This package is used internally. 
org.apache.log4j.pattern Provides classes implementing format specifiers in conversion patterns. 

Uses of PatternConverter in org.apache.log4j.helpers

Fields in org.apache.log4j.helpers declared as PatternConverter

Methods in org.apache.log4j.helpers that return PatternConverter
 PatternConverter PatternParser.parse()

Methods in org.apache.log4j.helpers with parameters of type PatternConverter
protected  void PatternParser.addConverter(PatternConverter pc)

Uses of PatternConverter in org.apache.log4j.pattern

Subclasses of PatternConverter in org.apache.log4j.pattern
 class BridgePatternConverter
          The class implements the pre log4j 1.3 org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternConverter contract by delegating to the log4j 1.3 pattern implementation.

Methods in org.apache.log4j.pattern that return PatternConverter
 PatternConverter BridgePatternParser.parse()
          Create new pattern converter.

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