Package org.apache.log4j.lf5

Interface Summary
LogRecordFilter An interface for classes which filters LogRecords.

Class Summary
AppenderFinalizer AppenderFinalizer has a single method that will finalize resources associated with a LogBrokerMonitor in the event that the LF5Appender class is destroyed, and the class loader is garbage collected.
DefaultLF5Configurator The DefaultLF5Configurator provides a default configuration for the LF5Appender.
LF5Appender LF5Appender logs events to a swing based logging console.
Log4JLogRecord A Log4JLogRecord encapsulates the details of your log4j LoggingEvent in a format usable by the LogBrokerMonitor.
LogLevel The LogLevel class defines a set of standard logging levels.
LogRecord LogRecord.
PassingLogRecordFilter An implementation of LogRecordFilter which always returns true.
StartLogFactor5 Starts an instance of the LogFactor5 console for off-line viewing.

Exception Summary
LogLevelFormatException Thrown to indicate that the client has attempted to convert a string to one the LogLevel types, but the string does not have the appropriate format.

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