Package org.apache.log4j.lf5.viewer

Class Summary
FilteredLogTableModel A TableModel for LogRecords which includes filtering support.
LF5SwingUtils Provides methods to accomplish common yet non-trivial tasks with Swing.
LogBrokerMonitor LogBrokerMonitor .
LogFactor5Dialog LogFactor5Dialog
LogFactor5ErrorDialog LogFactor5ErrorDialog
LogFactor5InputDialog LogFactor5InputDialog Creates a popup input dialog box so that users can enter a URL to open a log file from.
LogFactor5LoadingDialog LogFactor5LoadingDialog
LogTable LogTable.
LogTableColumn LogTableColumn
LogTableModel LogTableModel
LogTableRowRenderer LogTableRowRenderer
TrackingAdjustmentListener An AdjustmentListener which ensures that an Adjustable (e.g.

Exception Summary
LogTableColumnFormatException Thrown to indicate that the client has attempted to convert a string to one the LogLevel types, but the string does not have the appropriate format.

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