Class MapRewritePolicy

  extended by org.apache.log4j.rewrite.MapRewritePolicy
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MapRewritePolicy
extends Object
implements RewritePolicy

This policy rewrites events where the message of the original event implementes java.util.Map. All other events are passed through unmodified. If the map contains a "message" entry, the value will be used as the message for the rewritten event. The rewritten event will have a property set that is the combination of the original property set and the other members of the message map. If both the original property set and the message map contain the same entry, the value from the message map will overwrite the original property set. The combination of the RewriteAppender and this policy performs the same actions as the MapFilter from log4j 1.3.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 LoggingEvent rewrite(LoggingEvent source)
          Rewrite a logging event.
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Constructor Detail


public MapRewritePolicy()
Method Detail


public LoggingEvent rewrite(LoggingEvent source)
Rewrite a logging event.

Specified by:
rewrite in interface RewritePolicy
source - a logging event that may be returned or used to create a new logging event.
a logging event or null to suppress processing.

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