Class ThreadContextMapFactory


public final class ThreadContextMapFactory extends Object
Creates the ThreadContextMap instance used by the ThreadContext.

If Log4j can use ThreadLocals, a garbage-free StringMap-based context map can be installed by setting system property log4j2.garbagefree.threadContextMap to true.

Furthermore, any custom ThreadContextMap can be installed by setting system property log4j2.threadContextMap to the fully qualified class name of the class implementing the ThreadContextMap interface. (Also implement the ReadOnlyThreadContextMap interface if your custom ThreadContextMap implementation should be accessible to applications via the ThreadContext.getThreadContextMap() method.)

Instead of system properties, the above can also be specified in a properties file named in the classpath.

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  • Method Details

    • init

      public static void init()
      Initializes static variables based on system properties. Normally called when this class is initialized by the VM and when Log4j is reconfigured.
    • createThreadContextMap

      public static ThreadContextMap createThreadContextMap()