Class DefaultAsyncQueueFullPolicy

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public class DefaultAsyncQueueFullPolicy extends Object implements AsyncQueueFullPolicy
Default router: enqueue the event for asynchronous logging in the background thread, unless the current thread is the background thread and the queue is full (enqueueing would cause a deadlock). In that case send the event directly to the appender (in the current thread).
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    • DefaultAsyncQueueFullPolicy

      public DefaultAsyncQueueFullPolicy()
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    • getRoute

      public EventRoute getRoute(long backgroundThreadId, Level level)
      Description copied from interface: AsyncQueueFullPolicy
      Returns the appropriate route for the current log event, given the specified parameters.
      Specified by:
      getRoute in interface AsyncQueueFullPolicy
      backgroundThreadId - the thread ID of the background thread. Can be compared with the current thread's ID.
      level - the level of the log event
      the appropriate route for the current event