Apache Log4j Core 2.23.1 API

Implementation of Log4j 2.
Log4j 2 Appenders.
The classes in this package and sub packages provide appenders for various types of databases and methods for accessing databases.
The JDBC Appender supports writing log events to a relational database using standard JDBC connections.
Message oriented middleware appenders.
Classes and interfaces for ZeroMQ/JeroMQ support.
Classes and interfaces for Kafka appender support.
The NoSQL Appender supports writing log events to NoSQL databases.
Apache Flume Appender.
Rolling File Appender and support classes.
Support classes for the Rolling File Appender.
Apache Flume Appender.
Provides Asynchronous Logger classes and interfaces for low-latency logging.
Configuration of Log4j 2.
Configuration Builder API for programmatically configuring Log4j.
Configuration Builder Implementation.
Support for composite configurations.
Classes and interfaces supporting configuration of Log4j 2 with JSON.
Annotations for Log4j 2 plugins.
TypeConverter plugins for converter strings into various types.
Java annotation processor for pre-scanning Log4j 2 plugins.
Utility and manager classes for Log4j 2 plugins.
Constraint validators for plugin factory methods.
Validation annotations.
ConstraintValidator implementations for the constraint annotations.
Visitor classes for extracting values from a Configuration or Node corresponding to a plugin annotation.
Configuration using Properties files.
Configuration classes for the StatusLogger API.
Classes and interfaces supporting configuration of Log4j 2 with XML.
Classes and interfaces supporting configuration of Log4j 2 with YAML.
Log4j 2 Filter support.
Log4j 2 private implementation classes.
Classes and interfaces for serializing and deserializing Log4j 2 log events to XML and JSON using the Jackson library.
Log4j 2 JMX support.
Log4j 2 Layout support.
Log4j 2 Lookups.
Log4j 2 network support.
Log4j 2 SSL support
Collection of OSGi-specific classes for bundles.
Parsers for the output of various layouts.
Provides classes implementing format specifiers in conversion patterns.
Log4j 2 Script support.
Log4j 2 Context Selectors.
Log4j 2 command line tools.
Log4j 2 helper classes.
Log4j 2 date formatting classes.