Class JAnsiTextRenderer

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class JAnsiTextRenderer extends Object implements TextRenderer
Renders an input as ANSI escaped output. Uses the JAnsi rendering syntax as the default to render a message into an ANSI escaped string. The default syntax for embedded ANSI codes is:
   @|code(,code)* text|@
For example, to render the message "Hello" in green, use:
   @|green Hello|@
To render the message "Hello" in bold and red, use:
   @|bold,red Warning!|@
You can also define custom style names in the configuration with the syntax:
 %message{ansi}{StyleName=value(,value)*( StyleName=value(,value)*)*}%n
For example:
 %message{ansi}{WarningStyle=red,bold KeyStyle=white ValueStyle=blue}%n
The call site can look like this:"@|KeyStyle {}|@ = @|ValueStyle {}|@", entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());
Note: This class originally copied and then heavily modified code from JAnsi's AnsiRenderer (which is licensed as Apache 2.0.)
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