Class ClockFactory


public final class ClockFactory extends Object
Factory for Clock objects.
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      public static final String PROPERTY_NAME
      Name of the system property that can be used to specify a Clock implementation class. The value of this property is "log4j.Clock".
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    • getClock

      public static Clock getClock()
      Returns a Clock instance depending on the value of system property PROPERTY_NAME.

      If system property log4j.Clock=CachedClock is specified, this method returns an instance of CachedClock. If system property log4j.Clock=CoarseCachedClock is specified, this method returns an instance of CoarseCachedClock.

      If another value is specified, this value is taken as the fully qualified class name of a class that implements the Clock interface. An object of this class is instantiated and returned.

      If no value is specified, or if the specified value could not correctly be instantiated or did not implement the Clock interface, then an instance of SystemClock is returned.

      a Clock instance