Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config

Configuration of Log4j 2.


Interface Summary
Configuration Interface that must be implemented to create a configuration.
ConfigurationListener Interface used to allow components to be notified when the configuration changes.
ConfigurationMonitor Interface that must be implemented to provide notification of configuration changes.
Reconfigurable Interface to be implemented by Configurations that can be reconfigured at runtime.

Class Summary
AbstractConfiguration The base Configuration.
AppenderControl Wraps an Appender with details an appender implementation shouldn't need to know about.
AppenderRef An Appender reference.
AppendersPlugin An Appender container.
ConfigurationFactory Factory class for parsed Configuration objects from a configuration file.
ConfigurationSource Represents the source for the logging configuration.
Configurator Initializes and configure the Logging system.
CustomLevelConfig Descriptor of a custom Level object that is created via configuration.
CustomLevels Container for CustomLevelConfig objects.
DefaultAdvertiser The default advertiser does not do anything.
DefaultConfiguration The default configuration writes all output to the Console using the default logging level.
DefaultConfigurationMonitor The default configuration monitor does not do anything.
FileConfigurationMonitor Configuration monitor that periodically checks the timestamp of the configuration file and calls the ConfigurationListeners when an update occurs.
LoggerConfig Logger object that is created via configuration.
LoggerConfig.RootLogger The root Logger.
LoggersPlugin Container of Logger objects.
Node A Configuration node.
NullConfiguration This configuration defaults to no logging.
OrderComparator Comparator for classes annotated with Order.
PropertiesPlugin Handles properties defined in the configuration.
Property Represents a key/value pair in the configuration.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException This exception is thrown when an error occurs reading from, parsing, using, or initializing the Log4j 2 configuration.

Annotation Types Summary
Order Identifies the relative ordering of a ConfigurationFactory plugin.

Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config Description

Configuration of Log4j 2.

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