Interface TypeConverter<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Converts Strings into the given type T.
All Known Implementing Classes:
EnumConverter, TypeConverters.BigDecimalConverter, TypeConverters.BigIntegerConverter, TypeConverters.BooleanConverter, TypeConverters.ByteArrayConverter, TypeConverters.ByteConverter, TypeConverters.CharacterConverter, TypeConverters.CharArrayConverter, TypeConverters.CharsetConverter, TypeConverters.ClassConverter, TypeConverters.DoubleConverter, TypeConverters.FileConverter, TypeConverters.FloatConverter, TypeConverters.IntegerConverter, TypeConverters.LevelConverter, TypeConverters.LongConverter, TypeConverters.PatternConverter, TypeConverters.SecurityProviderConverter, TypeConverters.ShortConverter, TypeConverters.StringConverter, TypeConverters.UriConverter, TypeConverters.UrlConverter

public interface TypeConverter<T>

Interface for doing automatic String conversion to a specific type.

2.1 Moved to the convert package.

Method Summary
 T convert(String s)
          Converts a String to a given type.

Method Detail


T convert(String s)
          throws Exception
Converts a String to a given type.

s - the String to convert. Cannot be null.
the converted object.
Exception - thrown when a conversion error occurs

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