Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender

Log4j 2 Appenders.


Interface Summary
ManagerFactory<M,T> Creates Manager objects.

Class Summary
AbstractAppender Abstract base class for Appenders.
AbstractManager Abstract base class used to register managers.
AbstractOutputStreamAppender<M extends OutputStreamManager> Appends log events as bytes to a byte output stream.
AsyncAppender Appends to one or more Appenders asynchronously.
ConsoleAppender ConsoleAppender appends log events to System.out or System.err using a layout specified by the user.
FailoverAppender The FailoverAppender will capture exceptions in an Appender and then route the event to a different appender.
FailoversPlugin The array of failover Appenders.
FileAppender File Appender.
FileManager Manages actual File I/O for File Appenders.
MemoryMappedFileAppender Memory Mapped File Appender.
MemoryMappedFileManager Extends OutputStreamManager but instead of using a buffered output stream, this class maps a region of a file into memory and writes to this memory region.
OutputStreamManager Manages an OutputStream so that it can be shared by multiple Appenders and will allow appenders to reconfigure without requiring a new stream.
RandomAccessFileAppender File Appender.
RandomAccessFileManager Extends OutputStreamManager but instead of using a buffered output stream, this class uses a ByteBuffer and a RandomAccessFile to do the I/O.
RollingFileAppender An appender that writes to files and can roll over at intervals.
RollingRandomAccessFileAppender An appender that writes to random access files and can roll over at intervals.
SmtpAppender Send an e-mail when a specific logging event occurs, typically on errors or fatal errors.
SocketAppender An Appender that delivers events over socket connections.
SyslogAppender The Syslog Appender.
TlsSyslogFrame Wrapper for messages that are formatted according to RFC 5425.

Enum Summary
ConsoleAppender.Target Enumeration of console destinations.

Exception Summary
AppenderLoggingException Thrown from an appender when a log event could not be written.

Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender Description

Log4j 2 Appenders.

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