Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.filter

Log4j 2 Filter support.


Interface Summary
Filterable Interface implemented by Classes that allow filtering to occur.

Class Summary
AbstractFilter Users should extend this class to implement filters.
AbstractFilterable Enhances a Class by allowing it to contain Filters.
BurstFilter The BurstFilter is a logging filter that regulates logging traffic.
CompositeFilter Composes and invokes one or more filters.
DynamicThresholdFilter Compare against a log level that is associated with an MDC value.
MapFilter A Filter that operates on a Map.
MarkerFilter This filter returns the onMatch result if the marker in the LogEvent is the same as or has the configured marker as a parent.
RegexFilter This filter returns the onMatch result if the message matches the regular expression.
StructuredDataFilter Filter based on data in a StructuredDataMessage.
ThreadContextMapFilter Filter based on a value in the Thread Context Map (MDC).
ThresholdFilter This filter returns the onMatch result if the level in the LogEvent is the same or more specific than the configured level and the onMismatch value otherwise.
TimeFilter Filters events that fall within a specified time period in each day.

Package org.apache.logging.log4j.core.filter Description

Log4j 2 Filter support. Filter plugins should use the plugin category Core and the element type filter.

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