Class Generate

  extended by

public final class Generate
extends Object

Generates source code for custom or extended logger wrappers.


To generate source code for an extended logger that adds custom log levels to the existing ones:

Example of creating an extended logger:
java$ExtendedLogger com.mycomp.ExtLogger DIAG=350 NOTICE=450 VERBOSE=550

To generate source code for a custom logger that replaces the existing log levels with custom ones:

Example of creating a custom logger:
java$CustomLogger com.mycomp.MyLogger DEFCON1=350 DEFCON2=450 DEFCON3=550

Nested Class Summary
static class Generate.CustomLogger
          Generates source code for custom logger wrappers that only provide convenience methods for the specified custom levels, not for the standard built-in levels.
static class Generate.ExtendedLogger
          Generates source code for extended logger wrappers that provide convenience methods for the specified custom levels, and by extending org.apache.logging.log4j.spi.ExtendedLoggerWrapper, inherit the convenience methods for the built-in levels provided by the Logger interface.
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