Apache log4net� SDK Documentation - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

AspNetTraceAppender Class

Appends log events to the ASP.NET TraceContext system.

For a list of all members of this type, see AspNetTraceAppender Members.


public�class�AspNetTraceAppender : AppenderSkeleton

Thread Safety

Public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe.


Diagnostic information and tracing messages that you specify are appended to the output of the page that is sent to the requesting browser. Optionally, you can view this information from a separate trace viewer (Trace.axd) that displays trace information for every page in a given application.

Trace statements are processed and displayed only when tracing is enabled. You can control whether tracing is displayed to a page, to the trace viewer, or both.

The logging event is passed to the Write or Warn method depending on the level of the logging event. The event's logger name is the default value for the category parameter of the Write/Warn method.


Namespace: log4net.Appender

Assembly: log4net (in log4net.dll)

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