Apache log4net´┐Ż SDK Documentation - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

log4net.Core Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
CompactRepositorySelector The implementation of the IRepositorySelector interface suitable for use with the compact framework
DefaultRepositorySelector The default implementation of the IRepositorySelector interface.
ExceptionEvaluator An evaluator that triggers on an Exception type
Level Defines the default set of levels recognized by the system.
LevelCollection A strongly-typed collection of Level objects.
LevelEvaluator An evaluator that triggers at a threshold level
LevelMap Mapping between string name and Level object
LocationInfo The internal representation of caller location information.
LogException Exception base type for log4net.
LoggerManager Static manager that controls the creation of repositories
LoggerRepositoryCreationEventArgs Provides data for the LoggerRepositoryCreatedEvent event.
LoggerWrapperImpl Implementation of the ILoggerWrapper interface.
LoggingEvent The internal representation of logging events.
LogImpl Implementation of ILog wrapper interface.
MethodItem provides method information without actually referencing a System.Reflection.MethodBase as that would require that the containing assembly is loaded.
SecurityContext A SecurityContext used by log4net when interacting with protected resources
SecurityContextProvider The SecurityContextProvider providers default SecurityContext instances.
StackFrameItem provides stack frame information without actually referencing a System.Diagnostics.StackFrame as that would require that the containing assembly is loaded.
TimeEvaluator An evaluator that triggers after specified number of seconds.
WrapperMap Maps between logger objects and wrapper objects.


Interface Description
IAppenderAttachable Interface for attaching appenders to objects.
IErrorHandler Appenders may delegate their error handling to an IErrorHandler.
IFixingRequired Interface for objects that require fixing.
ILogger Interface that all loggers implement
ILoggerWrapper Base interface for all wrappers
IOptionHandler Interface used to delay activate a configured object.
IRepositorySelector Interface used by the LogManager to select the ILoggerRepository.
ITriggeringEventEvaluator Test if an LoggingEvent triggers an action
LevelCollection.ILevelCollectionEnumerator Supports type-safe iteration over a LevelCollection.


Structure Description
LoggingEventData Portable data structure used by LoggingEvent


Delegate Description
LoggerRepositoryCreationEventHandler Delegate used to handle logger repository creation event notifications
WrapperCreationHandler Delegate used to handle creation of new wrappers.


Enumeration Description
ErrorCode Defined error codes that can be passed to the Error method.
FixFlags Flags passed to the Fix property
LevelCollection.Tag Type visible only to our subclasses Used to access protected constructor