Log4PHP is a dormant project of Apache Logging Services as of December 14, 2020. No further support will be provided.

What is Apache log4php?

Apache log4php™ is a versatile logging framework for PHP.

Feature highlights:

  • Configuration through XML, properties or PHP files
  • Various logging destinations, including:
    • Console (stdout, stderr)
    • Files (including daily and rolling files)
    • Email
    • Databases
    • Sockets
    • Syslog
  • Several built-in log message formats, including:
    • HTML
    • XML
    • User defined pattern
  • Nested (NDC) and Mapped (MDC) Diagnostic Contexts.

The Apache log4php project

Apache log4php™ is an open source project at the Apache Software Foundation, a part the Apache Logging Services project.

Apache log4php™ graduated in March 2010.

Who uses Apache log4php?

This sections lists some of the projects which use Apache log4php.

In alphabetic order:

  • CMS Made Simple - an open source (GPL) CMS
  • Ding - a dependency injection, AOP, and MVC container, with features similar to the Spring Framework
  • Helpzilla - interactive solutions for customer care
  • Imento - a danish company which uses log4php in their commercial MVC framework
  • Paloose - a simplified version of Cocoon using PHP
  • PAMI / PAGI - OOP clients for the Asterisk Manager Protocol and the Asterisk Gateway Protocol, implemented in PHP.
  • PIWI Framework - a framework for quick website building and PHP Dependency Injection similar to Apache Cocoon and Apache Forrest.
  • Scalr - a fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment using Amazon's EC2
  • SiteSupra - an enterprise PHP platform
  • SugarCRM - low-cost customer relationship management solutions
  • vtiger - an open source CRM

If you think that you should be on this list, please let us know by sending a message to the log4php user lists.