On Volunteering

If you want to volunteer and help with developing Apache log4php, you are highly encouraged to read Apache getting involved. If you have questions on that document, we might be able to answer them on the developers mailinglist.

The best way to contribute is to identify for yourself things that you think are broken, or could be improved, and then propose a patch. A couple of ways to identify possible candidates:

  • Have you used Apache log4php, and wished it would do something a little more? or a little different? In open source circles, people often get involved initially by "scratching your own itch" as the saying goes.
  • Have a look at the bug reports for the log4php project, and seen any bugs that you can create a patch for.
  • Check out the project todo list for things that have already been thought about, but just are not done yet.
  • If you are apt at graphic design, Apache log4php is looking for a logo. Consider donating one.